Course Description

In this 12-minute webinar you will examine 6 aspects of limit setting to help you set limits, get heard, and gain your child’s cooperation in ways that leave everyone feeling less frustrated and more connected. This webinar also includes a worksheet to guide you toward solutions to your top 5 daily challenges.


Amy Bryant, EdS, LPC

Amy is a licensed and board certified psychotherapist, and child and family advocate who specializes in treating anxiety, depression, and chronic pain, and supporting responsive parents of behaviorally challenging children. She works with women, parents, and emerging adults, and she is LGBTQ and neurodiversity affirming and inclusive. Amy founded Parenting Beyond Punishment to help parents move out of punishment-based parenting and into a connection-centered approach to living with with their children. She provides online telehealth therapy, outside adventure paddleboard therapy for chronic pain, anxiety and depression, parenting consultations, and professional consultation groups. Amy lives and plays with her partner, daughter, dog, and friends in Atlanta, GA.

Course curriculum

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    Setting Limits & Being Heard

    • Webinar: Setting Limits & Being Heard (12 minutes)

    • Worksheet: Reflecting on Your Limits

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